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“Laugh and Learn about Life and Living…
with Bill Gove”

Who was Bill Gove?

Bill Gove, 1912-2001, was known around the world as the father of the professional speaking. He was the first president of the National Speakers Association, and one of the most popular professional speakers of the 20th century. Bill was inducted into the International Speakers Hall of Fame in 1975, and honored as Meeting Planners International Speaker of the Year in 1976. He won the Cavett award in 1980, and the Toastmasters International Golden Gavel Award in 1991. Other recipients of the Golden Gavel include Walter Cronkite, Dr. Joyce Brothers, and Deepak Chopra.

“Bill Gove was a Brilliant Philosopher…and a Loveable Clown”

Bill Gove had a unique way of looking at life and the world around him, and these classic recordings take you on a 37-year odyssey through the peak of his career—from accepting the award as America’s # 1 salesman in 1954. . . all the way until 1991 when he accepted Toastmasters Internationals Golden Gavel. These speeches entertain and enlighten at the same time—and everyone of them are LOADED with Bill Gove’s famous comedic timing and sense of humor.

“You’ll Never See The World The Same Way After
You’ve Seen It Through The Eyes of Bill Gove”

Tape # 1 Billy Be Yourself—1954
International Amphitheater
Chicago, Illinois
13,000 People in Attendance

This is the speech that launched Bill Gove into professional speaking stardom. Listen as Bill addresses 13,000 sales professionals and teaches them the lessons of a lifetime. In this presentation, Bill pretends to be speaking to his 4-year old son, Bill Jr., about what it really takes to become a master salesman. Listen how Bill delights the crowd with his masterful use of dialogue.

Tape # 2 People Love To Buy

This speech is another must for every salesman, sales manager, and public speaker. Bill describes the selling process as helping people do what they love to do –BUY! This program was recorded in the early 1960’s, and became an overnight sensation on long play record. It was one of the most popular speaker albums of the 1960’s, but its message is just as applicable today. This presentation will challenge you to look at the selling process in a whole new way.

Tape # 3
You Are Abundant

This speech was recorded at the National Speakers Association annual convention in the 1980’s.
Living a life of abundance was Bill Gove’s philosophy—and believe me, he lived it! Bill believed that all of us have everything we need inside of us to make our lives work—all we had to do was become aware of it. Author Og Mandino was in the audience and called this the greatest speech he ever heard. I know you will love it, too.

Tape # 4
Hang In Tough

This might have been the most popular speech of Bill Gove’s entire career. He delivered it to Fortune 500 companies across America for years. This one was recorded at the Honeywell Corporations annual convention in the 1970’s. It’s a beautiful blend of content and humorous stories. This tape should be required listening for anyone who delivers presentations.

Tape # 5
Whatever Sets You Free
Palm Beach, Florida

In 1974 the National Speakers Association asked Bill to go into a studio and talk about the philosophies that made him so successful. Whatever Sets You Free is not a speech, but an amazing motivational recording you will never forget.

Tape # 6
The Power of Positive Doing
Atlanta, Georgia

In 1991 Bill Gove gave a hilarious acceptance speech after winning Toastmaster’s International Golden Gavel Award. This presentation is a study in professional speech making. Bill Gove, at age 79, proves in this speech that he is still the greatest conversational style speaker on the planet. The Power of Positive Doing makes the point that it takes more than positive thinking to succeed—it takes action! Bill has the audience in stitches as he teaches them the lessons of a lifetime.

The Best of Bill Gove is a Must-Have for Anyone In The Business of Influencing People

There was a magical quality about Bill Gove that’s hard to explain. He had a level of charisma I’ve never seen in another human being. Bill used humor and humility to influence and help people become more than they ever dreamed of becoming. This album represents the greatest speeches of his career.

“Professional Presenters and Speakers Should Study These Recordings Like A Scientist”

Bill Gove knew how to use speech writing, delivery tools and devices better than anyone in the world. As a way to help newer speakers, he launched the Bill Gove Speech Workshop in 1947—which is responsible for training more successful professional speakers than any other program in the history of the industry. 57-years later, The Bill Gove Speech Workshop is still the place aspiring speakers go to move into the major leagues. (

The Best of Bill Gove is LOADED with these tools and devices. Listen carefully and You Will Hear The Method Behind The Master


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